NG-MVPN Extranet: Part 2

Welcome back. In the previous part, we had configured all service provider devices and got our first part of control plane information, populated by BGP. This time, we are going to configure the rest: provider tunnel, PIM, start on a p-multicast source and request some groups by customers.

NG-MVPN Extranet: Part 1

We are continuing our fancy Juniper service provider journey and today we have an exciting subject – Next-Generation Multicast VPN (NG-MVPN shortly). In a nutshell, that type of service gives to a service provider a possibility to deliver multicast data on a set of customer sites, almost as simple as it works with IP/MPLS BGP […]

Juniper SP Lab v3

  Welcome back, friends! I’m pleased to announce the newest and the last version of Juniper Service Provider Lab that covers even more JNCIP-SP topics. Moreover, all devices now exist in a single vMX device, so an amount of RAM your station needs to start exploration is about 2,5 GB (2GB for vMX + 512MB for […]

Juniper SP Lab v2

Hola amigos. Thank you for attention to the lab. I got few very nice feedbacks about the “Juniper SP Lab” and complaints about such massive RAM requirements as well :) Those complaints motivated me to decrease the requirements somehow, and this is the result – same topology now available with 4GB DRAM VM! All possible detailed information provided […]

Juniper SP Lab v1

Hello, engineers. This post is a part of my preparation to JNCIP-SP exam, which covers a lot of service provider stuff. Due that preparation a virtual machine has been prepared, based on Unetlab (UNL). What is UNL and how to cook it may be discovered on official site or that (RU) comprehensive article. VM consists of 5 Juniper MX routers […]