The Standoff

How about a short humor break?

Dive under the cut to find some hilarious moments from the long story between Juniper and Cisco.


Wikipedia says that very first switch by Juniper was released in 2008 and that was EX4200.
It is not hard to understand, from that point, Cisco had started to nervous a bit because in 2008 everyone knew how well Juniper router could be described in terms of a performance and cost.

Well, in Enterprise sector amount of qualified engineers are much less than in service provider and, as a fact, there is a very low amount of operations with enterprise switches in compare with routers. So, even today Juniper shares not as huge enterprise marketplace as they wish to.

As a result, an existence of common interest, vendors had tried at least to undermine the position of each other. So, let me share few very funny moments showing some of those revelations.

Juniper critical hit

I have no proofs and rights to claim that Juniper was the ideologist or somehow related to an author of these pictures, but it’s hard to imagine that 44 posters were made by an independent enthusiast.

The gallery and the archive are below (click the thumbnail to open scaled gallery):

Archive (zip, 5MB)

Cisco strikes back

Cisco attacked openly and placed this funny video at official youtube page: