Message Digest #1


My apologies for such a huge delay between notes, but there was a reason. I’ve tried to learn Python and got a programming fever.

A few months in a row the only one thing I was worrying at evening is about to find some new Python things/tricks and to write another one useless code.

But, a few days ago, my colleague and great ISP network engineer asked me if I would so grateful to write kinda news digest with a list of articles and links that I think are worthy notable.

Even if my mind is still occupied by Python, all RSS feeds and twitter followings working as intended and all interesting stuff could be not just read ‘n’ closed, but shared with folks around.



  • [LINK] Site announced a project in vendor advertisement manner, but an interesting part is a project itself – Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII) will build a full-mesh network between over 50 datacenters inside and outside of the country. The current network they are utilizing (SINET4) has a tree topology and main drivers to switch on full-mesh topology were delays and high management workload. A bit more information about SINET5 project can be found here.
  • [LINK] Greg Ferro, the only one person I know in industry who able to speak straightforward and is not scared to get in a tough dispute, wrote up some thoughts about TCP as a bandwidth wasting protocol.
  • [LINK] David Laube shared his story about a tough time with digging OpenStack guts and assessment of its suitability for his project. The article was written in Jan 2015 and after discussed “Juno” version at least 3 new versions were released (Kilo, Liberty, Mitaka), but the story is still valuable.
  • [LINK] John Harrington shared a nice motivation post with a great quote of one of my favorites scientists Richard Feinman:
    “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.”
  • [LINK] Packet Pushers Datanauts 037: Integrating Public Cloud Into A Production Environment

    The great podcast about an enterprise reality with all those XaaS, in a primer of a huge company with Scott Holwerda, Principal Network Specialist at Amway.

New to know

  • [RFC-draft] BIER: “Multicast using Bit Index Explicit Replication”
    The way to make multicast usable and highly predictable.
    In a nutshell, an
     idea is about to use special BIER header which points an egress router where a packet must be delivered.
  • [RFC-draft] STT: “A Stateless Transport Tunneling Protocol for Network Virtualization”
    In a nutshell, an
     idea is about to mimic TCP header, so all TCP-related optimization mechanisms are available to be used, but there is not connection state with subsequent slowdowns.

Twitter feed

  • [LINK] Octave Klaba shared a bunch of awesome photos with networking devices and art of cabling.
    24 x 100G line card with a room in TCAM for 2M routes, yummy.
  • [LINK] Darren O’Connor revealed a truth what clouds are actually are.


  • [LINK] “Python Scripting on a Cisco Nexus 7k” by Nick Shaw.
  • [LINK] Nice online to tool to cope with python regexpes.
  • [LINK] This is the live programming mode of Python Tutor, which continually runs and visualizes your code as you type.

This one digest is a try to find out a proper format and size, I’ll change it slightly according to my vision and readers opinion.
After all, most of my feeds are more or less related with Juniper Networks, so if anyone want to dilute future digests with Cisco, Arista, etc news – let me know!

Thank you.