HCIE R&S Interview

June 16th I had a seat for a 1-hour long HCIE R&S interview exam and as today it’s been marked as “Pass” I’m officially HCIE R&S certified now.

Long journey ends and I’ll miss those feeling and how excited I was seeing Gmail logo at smartphone’s notification bar.
And how disappointed I was as that is not an exam result, but “someone adds another one youtube video” e-mail.


Well, a very nice and useful way to understand what an interview exam is and what should be sharpened to be confident is an LVC.
LVC is Live Virtual Class and is completely free and available for every registered user – the schedule.
One may participate in LVC by using Huawei’s special software in a group with others 30-40 persons.
A host, an official Huawei employee, will share as much as possible information about a process and a content of a stage.

For HCIE R&S all stages have a dedicated training and happen on Thursdays, but there are much more of virtual classes:

  • HCIE R&S
  • HCIE Cloud
  • HCIE Storage
  • HCNA Big Data
  • etc

The interview process

Speaking of an interview exam, the most important and gladly open is an information about the content.

There are always 3 questions exact:

  1. random question – tell me all you know about <random topic from HCIE Exam Outline>
  2. design question – explain what, why and how
  3. lab question – during the lab you had a task number X, explain how solved and why that way

By protocol, 15-20 minutes are available per question, but in fact, no one counting, so an hour may be divided by 40-10-10 minutes parts for all three questions.
Those questions are just a starting point to discuss a subject – a lot of сlarifying and additional questions are part of the game.

Instruments available during an interview:

  • video and audio – a host is seeing you and hearing, so not just words might be used, but hands gestures as well;
  • Notepad – try to write all abbreviations and keywords you say, make lists and sequences;
  • Paint – do not hesitate to draw a diagram and comprehensively explain a topic.

My experience

The interview itself happened in an another room, with an even more comfortable environment, and nothing is on the table, but a laptop. Lenovo, yeah.
An interviewer instantly asked me to share a desktop, which I easily made by pressing the hugest button at a screen. He also asked to open a Notepad and type my name.
As usually, by entering my unique login and password at Chrome browser a page with questions had appeared. Last time there was a topology and pages of tasks, but this time just 3 questions.

We had a great conversation. More I answered, more new questions were asked. Some explanations required to draw and Paint is not just permitted but encouraged. All abbreviations, sequences, and lists I also wrote in a Notepad to exclude any misunderstandings and that worked out great.

I ended earlier than an hour and we had a semi-technical chat for a few minutes.

The process overall was very enjoyable and friendly. The interviewer spoke clear and loud, so do I tried.


Every LVC training ends with a lottery. 5 winners receive a voucher for a free Written exam. A host sends you a voucher code to an e-mail that you write to him via a personal message.
Join multiple LVCs and a luck will wink to you!