Configuration statements

As deeper I dived in Junos OS CLI as better I understood that a full list of available commands would be one the best way to be familiar with features.
Fortunately, Junos OS CLI divided to a huge amount of stanzas, so it’s not a big deal to get that list as a continuous hierarchy of available commands.
Furthermore, that job is done already by Juniper documentation team!

Go inside to get some of them and an information how to find more.

1. Where

Almost all guides: configuration, feature and administration, at the end of a book contains the part named “Configuration Statements and Operational Commands”.
It is very useful to get rid that sections if operations with Junos OS is your daily stuff or, in a less manner of course, if you don’t want to be scared with configuration output longer than 20 lines.

Two main sections to find the document with a protocol you are interested in:

Open a page with specific subject and in right side will be presented the link to download pdf version, as shown below


The desired section with configuration statements should be found at the end of a guide:


2. Lists

I’ve prepared some lists for main protocols as images already:

You’re welcome.