HCIE R&S Interview

June 16th I had a seat for a 1-hour long HCIE R&S interview exam and as today it’s been marked as “Pass” I’m officially HCIE R&S certified now. Long journey ends and I’ll miss those feeling and how excited I was seeing Gmail logo at smartphone’s notification bar. And how disappointed I was as that […]

HCIE R&S Lab exam

Welp, my 8-hours long HCIE R&S Lab happened on June 2nd and today I’ve received a confirmation that it has been passed! Woohoo! Still early to place a logo there, because of HCIE contains three stages – a written exam, a lab exam and an interview. Therefore, the next step is to be prepared for an […]

Message Digest #1

Hola! My apologies for such a huge delay between notes, but there was a reason. I’ve tried to learn Python and got a programming fever. A few months in a row the only one thing I was worrying at evening is about to find some new Python things/tricks and to write another one useless code. But, […]

Ansible with Juniper

Speaking of centralized management of network devices would be a great idea to demonstrate some possibilities to use NETCONF and open-source software. Under the hood, we are going to use Ansible and “Juniper.junos” library to manage Juniper vMX 14.1 and SRX 12.1 from GNU/Linux Debian CLI.

Software-driven network

This note is the first one in a small bunch of articles about SDN-sided tendencies already affecting networking or will affect soon. A lot of network engineers are still thinking that practical SDN as far away from networking as far IS-IS from to be called “simple”. But in reality, networking SDN is almost knocking on […]

NG-MVPN Extranet: Part 2

Welcome back. In the previous part, we had configured all service provider devices and got our first part of control plane information, populated by BGP. This time, we are going to configure the rest: provider tunnel, PIM, start on a p-multicast source and request some groups by customers.