My name is Evgeniy and I’m a Lead Network Design Engineer with more than 10 years in IT and 6¬†years in networking strictly.

Currently, my employer is one of the oldest company on Russian system integration market.
We are not as big as a lot of monsters around, but there are very comfortable working conditions.

Most projects I have participated in were done with three main vendors: Juniper Networks, Huawei Technologies, and Cisco Systems, but only one I have a pleasure to work with РJuniper.

The blog was started as a try to share my researches and thoughts with the networking community.
At the very beginning blog was in Russian language only, but at the moment, it is also a place where I’m practicing my English.
Not as successful as I would like to, but who never tries will never win, right?

Ways you can reach me:

E-mail: sk1f3r[at]gmail.com

Twitter: Sk1f3r

Telegram: Sk1f3r