Juniper SP Lab v3


Welcome back, friends!

I’m pleased to announce the newest and the last version of Juniper Service Provider Lab that covers even more JNCIP-SP topics.

Moreover, all devices now exist in a single vMX device, so an amount of RAM your station needs to start exploration is about 2,5 GB (2GB for vMX + 512MB for UNL Linux host).

The comprehensive bunch of information to help with a journey presented below.

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Software-driven network

This note is the first one in a small bunch of articles about SDN-sided tendencies already affecting networking or will affect soon.
A lot of network engineers are still thinking that practical SDN as far away from networking as far IS-IS from to be called “simple”. But in reality, networking SDN is almost knocking on the door and looks like there is no way to evade tentacles.

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Configuration statements

As deeper I dived in Junos OS CLI as better I understood that a full list of available commands would be one the best way to be familiar with features.
Fortunately, Junos OS CLI divided to a huge amount of stanzas, so it’s not a big deal to get that list as a continuous hierarchy of available commands.
Furthermore, that job is done already by Juniper documentation team!

Go inside to get some of them and an information how to find more.

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