Message Digest #1


My apologies for such a huge delay between notes, but there was a reason. I’ve tried to learn Python and got a programming fever.

A few months in a row the only one thing I was worrying at evening is about to find some new Python things/tricks and to write another one useless code.

But, a few days ago, my colleague and great ISP network engineer asked me if I would so grateful to write kinda news digest with a list of articles and links that I think are worthy notable.

Even if my mind is still occupied by Python, all RSS feeds and twitter followings working as intended and all interesting stuff could be not just read ‘n’ closed, but shared with folks around.

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Software-driven network

This note is the first one in a small bunch of articles about SDN-sided tendencies already affecting networking or will affect soon.
A lot of network engineers are still thinking that practical SDN as far away from networking as far IS-IS from to be called “simple”. But in reality, networking SDN is almost knocking on the door and looks like there is no way to evade tentacles.

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